The Best Creams For Contact Dermatitis On Face

With increasing pollution and your everyday travel in dirt and dust laves you with extremely dehydrated skin. This, in turn, leads to several other problems, thereby inviting the uninvited guests – pimples and acne.

While being in a rush and hurry, we often tend to forget how beautiful our skin is, and we still lack to take proper care of it. With different people come different types of skin, and for every skin type, there are different solutions to their problems. Well before going further, let us first know what actually contact dermatitis is and what is the reason behind it. 

Contact Dermatitis is an allergy caused on the skin, which leads to redness and in any extreme condition, it might turn painful.

This is something that you generally call as Rash. This also can be a result of allergic reaction caused being in contact with some reactive substance which then attacks your immune system making a rash like texture over the skin in response to protective action against the invaders. This is followed by a series of different reaction and ends up on the skin in the form of redness visible over a little bit of time. This can take somewhere between 1 week to 3 weeks to heal and get cured. While this happens, there are other ways to cure, and at the same time prevents it from happening.

Let’s take a look at the following products which can make your skin extremely smooth and flawless

Era Organics Tea Tree Oil Face Cream


Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly cream is a great option for all the men, women and even teens out there.

With the extracts of tea tree oil blended with Salicylic acid and aloe vera giving it a great finish and perfect solution for you dehydrated and dull skin. It not only moisturizes but also helps in making your skin looks healthy.

Get the sheer radiance of skin with this creme which is specially formulated to fight against all the odds of your skin and helps in preventing and curing acne and rashes caused due to excessive damage done to it. This also has other ingredients like pomegranate seed oil, which helps against cancer, causing harmful UV rays followed by burdock root and goldenseal, which have acne preventive properties. It also comes with a 60 days assurance, which means that Love it or Money back guarantee assured by the manufacturer of it. The product is really amazing, and people who bought it are also happy seeing the results over the course of time. This product is available online and offline at different stores for $17.80 for a 7.8 ounce of the bottle.


Vitamin C Facial Cleanser by Insta Natural

With a belief of clean beauty and extreme antioxidant benefits, this facial cleanser is a one stop shop to all your problems related to blemishes, aging, wrinkles, and breakouts. It is suitable for all skin type ranging from dry to oily and even sensitive skin. With the properties of vitamin C, coconut, chamomile this product is all one could have asked for. At a pocket friendly price of $19.97, this comes handy for regular use for an 8.8 ounce of product. Keeping the thing in mind that healthy skin is the root of any beautiful skin, their botanical products used are all natural which rejuvenates your skin, giving it a very healthy complexion. 


It has a very balancing formula and therefore is free from any kind of harmful ingredients. It isalso advised that for some great results, this need to be along with its serum and moisturizer. Moving on a trust of natural product, this brand has come a long way from a small business in Florida. Also, their product is a unique blend of all the nature gifted items in accordance to different skin type and requirement. 


Eva natural skin clearing serum 


Protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays and being a great shield to your beauty, this serum has impeccable cleansing and exfoliating property to enrich your skin. From reducing the pores to a bright, healthy complexion, you name it; they have it. Probably one of the best serums to moisturize and hydrate your skin and at the same time gives you a glowing effect.

While other serum only nourishes your skin, this serum is infused with natural products lie aloe vera, which everyone knows has wonderful soothing property. This serum is infused to work on both men and women. Also, before putting it to use, it is advised to put it to a patch test anywhere on your hand or feet and use only if it passes that patch test. To use it on a regular basis, wash your face first and then apply a generous amount to your skin, followed by a moisturizer. It comes at a steal for $14.95 for younger-looking skin.


Face and Body Cream moisturizer by HoneySkin Organics

A family-owned company with all the three generations thriving to bring out the best for its customers. This is a complete solution to all your skin problems. This multipurpose cream is the best food to feed your skin and regenerate the moisture and the glow on your skin. From treating your damaged skin to solving the problems like acne, sun spots, uneven skin tone, this comes handy for your needs. This is not only for people suffering from skin issues but is also amazing for regular use to maintain the radiance of your skin.

Made with manuka honey, aloe vera coconut oil shea butter, it comprises of all the hydration your skin needs to get a breath of fresh air for a smooth brightening skin.

The important factor to keep in mind is this along with providing with a quality product; they do keep an account of animals and environment because of which all their products are vegan and 100% cruelty-free. This is best suited for people who are suffering from skin inflammations and redness due to rashes. Also, this product is available in different weight ranging from as low as a 2-ounce product to 64-ounce product.


Christina moss Naturals Facewash 

Specially designed for people with sensitive skin, this face wash is made out of certified natural products and is free from any harmful and harsh chemicals.

While both men and women can use it, it replenishes your skin by deep cleansing giving the perfect results and putting an end to your search. With a thought that fresh and healthy skin is right of every person irrespective of what age they are, the product eliminated all the toxicity from your skincare regime, leaving a dewy fresh skin. Apart from the skin benefits it has, they are environment friendly as every tube is recyclable. Since this product is concentrated, it is a super saver pack wherein you get to use less of product and save more. A facewash with gentle essential oils and natural extracts like aloe vera, coconut oil, rosemary flower extract and olive fruit oil are amazing to use on your skin while not drying it out or clogging the pores. This product which is highly affordable priced at $22.99 but what costs more than a nourishing breezy skin? 


BeeFriendly Face and Eye Cream

This four-in-one Face, Eye, Neck and Décolleté Cream is a super steal with four different variables available in a single unit. You do not have to purchase separate items anymore! Clinically proven cream to reduce your fine lines while at the same time nourishes your Eye, Face, Neck and Décolleté areas is all that you need right now.

While raw honey is a hydrating antibiotic, beeswax at the same time helps to soften the skin and improves the elasticity. Bee pollen, on the other hand, is also rich in many nutrients including vitamin A and E and some other fatty acids which are good four skin. Product is priced for $27.99 for 20oz of quantity might be on a higher-end but is great quality commodity to invest in. Providing with the highest quality product, this anti-ageing cream has no adverse effect, thereby naturally reversing the aging effect visible on your face. This USDA certified organic is also paraben-free and also does no animal testing!


LilyAna Naturals Retinol Creme Moisturizer

A product for both men and women, this moisturizer not only helps you to hydrate your skin but also to strengthen it, preventing the drying and peeling of the skin. Infused with some of the best natural product, this is the best option if you are looking out for Retin. With a very light and pleasant smell, this merchandise works bet for the blemish prone area along with other visible changes with fine lines, scars, damage and sun fade. Set to the MRP of $19.99, this 1.7oz of the product can be used twice a day that is day and night. The results of its regular usage are visible and deliver a skin without dryness, irritation or redness. It is also highly advisable to use after consulting your doctor if you are an expecting mother or are nursing. With no harmful chemical used, this moisturizer feels very creamy and not at all sticky after application. 

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