The Best Natural Dry Hands Creams on The Market 2019

With every bout of seasonal change, comes dry and cracked skin. When your skin dries up, loses all the moisture, and develops cracks owing to the changing season, your hands suffer the most. Be it the scalding water or exposure to freezing cold air, it all affects your hands.

Are you tired of your dry skin?

Do you get uncomfortable due to the cracks? This complex problem might have a super simple solution. A suitable hand cream might be a god-sent for you right now, for it can help to keep dryness at bay.

Finding a cream that moisturizes your hands and also suits your skin can be a daunting task. But fret not, for here is a list of natural creams for dry hands curated to help you.   


      • Keomi Hand Therapy

If you want a purely organic and natural cream, this one from Keomi will fulfill all your needs. The company has a motive to provide all things naturally without compromises, and this product falls nothing short of that.

As the name suggests, this cream is literally a therapy for dry and damaged hands.

It contains shea butter and cocoa butter; both are known to seep deep into the skin and repair it to the core by revitalizing the dead skin cells. It is also fortified with multiple vitamins and antioxidants, which helps to keep your hands hydrated for hours. Now while we are already discussing the contents, rest assured for it is free of artificial chemicals and fragrances.

Rather it is scented with therapeutic aromatherapy essential oils, that give it a soothing effect. Use it daily before sleeping to get nourished hands.     


      • Ahava Dead Sea Intensive Moisturizer

Coming from the house of Ahava, this intensive care moisturizer is a perfect remedy for dry and irritated skin. The cream is made of Dead Sea mud, which is believed to be the most mineral-rich mud on earth providing deep, intense care to dry skin.

Ahava uses a special mud technology called as ‘leave on’; which draws out most benefits from the Dead Sea mud.

As key ingredients, the cream includes sea mud obviously, and along with it includes jojoba seed oil, which locks the moisture in the skin. This magic cream can perform many functions and cure many problems. It can bring instant and significant relief to the dry skin of your hands. If you are dwelling in colder regions or have to constantly work in water, this might be the perfect pick for you.

It acts like an invisible glove for your hands, protecting it by keeping the moisture intact. It is so effective that even after multiple items of washing, your hands would still be soft and supple. The cream is entirely natural, for it comes without any artificial ingredients and is certified safe by PETA as well.


      • Organic Sca Hand Cream

Who doesn’t like a compact yet effective cream, that can be carried around easily? What’s even better is that you would not need it again, not during the course of the day at least. This is how much effective this natural hand cream by Organic Sca is.

It’s made entirely out of natural ingredients like Shea butter, Kernel Oil, Beeswax, and Emulsifying wax, this cream can do wonders for your chapped hands.

It acts as a balm for ailing skin and creates a protective layer that enhances the moisture of your skin. The rich texture instantly soothes the irritation and brings relief to your damaged skin. For most effective results, apply this cream every night before sleeping or after washing hands. Gently massage it into your hands and let it repair your skin cells.


      • Naturaful

Undoubtedly, this cream by Naturaful is the most natural and effective one. It includes natural ingredients like botanical plants that help in naturally increasing the breast size. It is tested and proven to give desired results in a few weeks.

This natural cream is enriched with exotic plant extracts and mastogenic herbs.

They are proven to stimulate the growth of new cells in mammary glands, which in turn increases the breast size. You will be able to witness real changes in a short span of 3-4 weeks, after regular use. Rest assured about the safety for it is tested safe by scientists, and does not lead to any side effects or hormonal changes.



      • Rose Super Moisturizing Hand Cream

Like the name suggests, this cream is enriched with roses. To have better results, Bulgarian roses are used in it, owing to their nourishing effects on dry skin.

Bulgarian rose has magical healing properties, and they are fully utilized here in this cream, for it includes all the parts of the flower.

It not only makes the skin soft and supple but nourishes it to the core by retaining moisture. Apart from dealing with dryness, you can also use it to tackle other problems like deep cleaning, removal of dead tissues and treating calluses on your hands. This comes in a set of four different creams, all with a separate purpose. There is hand wax, brightening cream, moisturizing cream and finally the nourishing cream.

Use a generous proportion of the Nourishing and Tendering hand cream every night as a ritual, gently rub it into dry skin and wake up to glorious, shining hands every morning.


      • Herbacin Kamille Hand Cream

This is a unique hand cream by the brand of Herbacin Kamille. It has a never seen before combination of glycerine with chamomile, that is proven to repair dead skin cells.

The cream has a classic triple action that is proven to nourish the dry and cracked skin of your hands.

With glycerin being the major ingredient, it forms a protective layer over your skin and does it without leaving a greasy look. It also includes silicone, which further acts as a shield against any environmental factors, be it at work or home.

It is free of any artificial ingredients and is purely organic.

The smooth texture, light formula, and that particular soothing fragrance are going to get you instantly hooked on this natural cream. Get ready to bid adieu to all other moisturizers that you previously use and go with it.     


      • Nurish Hand and Body Cream

If your top priority is the quality of the ingredients used, this one will suit you perfectly. This hand and body cream by Nourish is purely vegan and organic, enriched with Aloe vera, Shea butter, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, and Honeysuckle extract.

All the ingredients used in this natural cream are proven to be beneficial for dry skin as it provides deep nourishment.

Along with soothing the irritated skin, it repairs the dead cells by deeply nourishing them to the core. The cream is significantly lighter and is quickly absorbed in the skin. To achieve instant results, massage it gently into your hands and let it stay overnight.

Your mornings will start with repaired and restored hands like they were never dry. It is suitable for all the skin types and is tested to give you results without causing any harm.



      • Cucina Hand Wash and Hand Cream Set

Coming from a renowned brand like Cucina, this product too live up to the expectations. This combo set contains a hand wash and a hand cream. Enriched with Olive tree oil and Coriander, this is truly a savior. While the hand wash is mild and gentle on the skin, keeping the moisture intact, the hand cream further repairs the already damaged skin cells.

It is made entirely out of organic ingredients that are suitable for every skin type.

The word Cucina comes from Italian, where it means kitchen, implying the natural ingredients and the aroma that it leaves. The fragrance is so pleasant and has a calming effect to it. Just after one usage, you will be able to witness significant effects, and it might become your favorite in no time. This set of hand wash and nourishing hand cream is all you need for beautiful and soft hands.


Like we said before, your hands bear the brunt of harsh weather and suffer the most. Dry and cracked hands can lead to many problems, along with bringing down your self-confidence. Although you can try to protect them, there will be times when you and your hands will require extra help to stay hydrated.

For times like these, you will need a natural cream that can heal your dry skin and repair it till the deepest tissues. Pick one from the few listed above and put all your dryness problems to rest.  


Do you use any other brand, which you want to share with us?

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