How do I get rid of rosacea on my face?

You look at your face in the morning. You spot something odd. The redness- which should be the blush but is not- and you panic. Appearance and looks do matter, and this mini heart attack is something anyone would get through if they face a situation like this.

Blush red spots with some acne-like bumps are what you get to see if you are suffering from Rosacea.

But before moving further, let us know what is the reason behind this suffering.

Before asking Why let’s ask How?

According to many medical sciences and doctors, problems like acne, rosacea, lupus, and some other conditions are the results of Triggers which are some kind of bacteria causing the redness in the skin. Though several factors are contributing to this skin condition, the exact cause of this problem is not found yet. While it is a chronic disorder, there is evidence which shows its relapses overtime lasting for almost 13 years, but it can be controlled by some preventive measures and precautions.

Symptoms- How does it look like?

Since it is not a major disease, still over millions of people are affected by this condition every year. Out of them, most of the people are unaware of it and get under a delusion of any other skin disease. According to a survey conducted by Nation Rosacea Society, as far as 95 percent of people affected by rosacea know little or nothing about this condition or any of its symptoms. The symptoms include two major signs while some other being the secondary signs which might be visible but not diagnostic.

This is by the review panel of 28 medical experts worldwide along with the consensus committee

  • Unceasing redness

The skin appears to be red, which somewhat looks like a sunburn but doesn’t always fade over some time.

  • Thickening of skin

This problem might cause some extra tissue production thereby thickening the skin. The most affected area is the skin of the nose, and it might even hamper the normal breathing in some severe cases.

While these are the diagnostics signs of rosacea, the following the major signs that are the presence of any two or more of it signifies that the person is hit by this condition-

  • Irritation in eyes

This can further affect the eyes, thereby causing ocular rosacea. You might feel a burning sensation followed by redness in eyes. The eyelids might also swell up and become reddish.

  • Pimples with bumps

You might confuse these symptoms with acne, blackhead, or any similar problem. The pimple might be big and red and at times filled with pus as well.

  • Redness and blushing

The skin tends to become red, and you feel like some kind of blush is on with actually applying it!

  • Blood cell visibility

Cells with the name of telangiectasia can be seen formed over different areas affected, which include the cheeks, nose bridge, and another part of faces mainly the central part.

Even though the cause of this problem is kind of alien till date, there are some medical researches which have been helpful in finding out the potential cause of this problem. Ranging from a variety of reasons like immunity disorder, defect in the nervous system, the problem with blood cells and even the presence of Demodex mites-a kind of microbe, the theory has evolved over years of research and studies.

While some also consider that chances of getting hit by rosacea increase if-

  • Have a family history
  • You are a woman
  • Your age is between 30-50 years
  • Blue eyes
  • You’ve been hit by acne severely
  • Are a smoker

Treat to your skin from rosacea

While this problem chose you and not the other way around, it is not necessary that you have to suffer from this problem for the rest of your life. Even though the exact reason has not been discovered yet, there are remedies to this skin problem which might help you as well. Although the remedies are not to treat the problem but to control the spreading of it, which gradually treats it.

Firstly, and most importantly, don’t be a doctor to yourself. You in no way are an expert, and therefore it is better to consult a dermatologist for any such issue.

While the home remedies of DIYs may show some significant improvement, it is not necessary that it works for everyone. So, it’s better to see a doctor instead of being one. In some case, your derma might even suggest you visit an eye specialist if your eye would have been affected as well. Secondly, triggers need to be stopped from spreading. These triggers are considered to be the biggest reason for this abnormal behavior and breaking out of the skin.

They are termed “triggers” for this very reason that once attacked, the speed with which it moves over the affected area is very fast on its own. Just as fast the trigger of the gun is pulled, the bullet hits the object, the same way this trigger covers a very big area in a short span of time. Some other cures include-

  • Proper skincare is a must

You should be asking good care of your skin and need to look out to it regularly. A simple blunder n your part can be the reason of your sufferings. Try to avoid your skin contact with any kind of alcoholic substance which might hamper your skin. After washing your face, do not be harsh to your skin by rubbing a tow all over, instead, tap to soak extra water and let a little water get to your skin to keep it hydrated. You also can use facial tissues, which comes handy and are extremely soft tour skin. Cleansing your skin twice a day would help you remove the oil and dirt present over the skin and let your beautiful skin breathe properly.

  • Moisturize and hydrate

Applying crème and moisturizing it regularly is the foremost important thing to be done. A problem like these, tend to dehydrate your skin, making it dull and even more infectious. Try to use a rosacea friendly cream which is designed and infused with all the materials required to restore your hydration while at the same time treat it well. Also, avoid using any product which contains fragrance to reduce irritation and look out for products with zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and silicon in it.

  • Do not pull the Trigger

While pulling the trigger can shoot your skin with the problem, avoiding it can also resolve the issue. According to a survey conducted, the following have been found out the triggering reasons for this problem      

To get the natural glow to your skin, you obviously know what to aim at now. While moving out in the sun, do not forget to apply the sunscreen with high SPF as it avoids the direct contact of skin with the harmful UV rays of the sun. While not all triggers would attack at the very same time, once you get to know what is causing your triggering flares, make sure to change that habit for your betterment.

  • Medication is the option

   Advancement in medical fields and researches on this problem over the years have also helped in finding out the cure to this alien problem. With different skin types reacting differently to this flare, you must follow the medication provided to you by your doctor. They might help you treat this problem in a way that no other method could. The medication can either be an oral pill or even an ointment- depending upon the severity of your problem. One of the most famous and go to medicine suggested by the doctors is Tetracyclines and metronidazole antibiotics.

  • Keep the brain game strong

While rosacea can be problematic and irritating, it is important to keep cool of the situation. Unnecessary stressing would not solve it but will come as another hindrance to it which nobody wants to occur. The psychological and mental health is equally important, and you cannot be losing one while being under treatment for others. The physical looks matter but nothing at the cost of your health. Though it could be stressful and disturbing, it is your will to make a decision on either this will make you or break you.

While these are some of the cures, there are some other preventive measures; we can take in order to stop it in the very first place.

  • Healthy is Legendary

Incorporate healthy and fresh veggies in your diet. Always opt for organic fruits and vegetable over the junk. These are rich in vitamins and minerals which protects you against the sun. Also, it helps you build healthy skin cells. The anti-inflammatory compounds present in them are equally important. Carotenoids present in these green vegetables and citrus fruits are also a good defense to the trigger causing the problem.

  • The fat that is fit

There is a long list of healthy fat which should be consumed in a proportion in order to build a great immunity against the trigger. Fats like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil in addition to flax and chia seeds help to act as a stress buster, thereby managing stress properly. Since this food helps you be fuller for a longer time, and are a good alternative to junk, which also avoids binging snacks every now and then thereby preventing triggers from acting on it.

Essential oils, on the other hand, are equally important and can work wonders on your skin. While everybody goes natural, there are some home remedies which could help you-

  • Ginger
  • Tea tree oil
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Turmeric

Simply rub them on the affected area and let the magic happen. Also, it is safe to use these products as there are no side effects to it.

While the fight to this goes on, do keep in mind that some products need to be avoided strictly if you are a rosacea patient. These include-

  • The fat that is not fit

While we’ve already talked about the healthy fat to be consumed, oils that are rich in omega-6s should not be consumed at all, which includes sunflower oil, soybean, and canola oil. They are responsible for triggering and are also difficult to digest. Fried food, on the other hand, should also be avoided.

  • Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol in any form is injurious to health- be it in your drinks or fragrances. Caffeine, on the other hand, is yet another substance to be avoided along with it. Though the effect may differ from person to person, observations have put it to a fact that cutting short of their usage has improved the condition and has controlled the effect.

  • Not the right time for the sweet tooth

Consumption of sugar in any form has only worsened the situation and not improved it in any way. It not only causes inflammation but also irritates the gut lining, making it spread at a faster pace. This sugar will not add the right kind of sweetness to your diet and life while rosacea is on the move.

Now that you know what to do and what to avoid, there is a little more to know. Since this problem is still in the process of new researches and studies, different patients who faced rosacea have their own experiences saying of do’s and don’ts, which have helped them in many ways. But this in no way put it to an assurance that it would work the same for your problem. They do not have any side effects and are being added to the list which are-

  • Staying cool

Some people have found that temperature changes have caused the redness, and it starts to flush very quickly, so they try to maintain the temperature and stay cool. While someone opts for applying mist while working out, others agreed that the cucumber slices on the face have also been beneficial of their flare ups. Many people have agreed to the point that their observation made them realize that this happens because of excessive heat and temperature change.

  • DIY- Green Tea

Add a good amount of green tea to water and bring it to boil. Then let it cool down and put it in molds to freeze and make ice cubes of it. After that, whenever required, get an ice cube and rub it over the affected area. This is a good hack and helps people to get the hold on rosacea. Though it doesn’t have any side effect, it is beneficial and can do a great job if it suits your skin type.

  • Hormonal imbalance

Menopause was also seen as the reason that this rosacea got on and off on the skin of many women out there in their late 40’s and 50’s. For them, Estrogen therapy worked very well. While it took three months to recover for some, other women took almost six months to get rid of it. Different people having different hormonal balance, this scale might get up for some and could go down for others. 


Getting a closer look at the experiences that people have shared, it is quite clear that rosacea flareup is actually a result of trigger caused over the skin. Now on your part, it is your responsibility to keep an account of all the things regarding your skincare and make sure that any negligence on your side could be the reason for the future problem. In addition to this, always use a rosacea cream if you are suffering from it and if not, do not forget to apply sunscreen before moving out in the sun. While these external factors are seen, building up a healthy immune system is also important.

The proper proportion of protein, calcium, minerals, and healthy fat is important to give no space for the triggers to spread any further or at the very first step, attack your skin.

Lastly, do not hesitate to consult your doctor and get proper medication done for it. This problem might hamper your looks, but trust me, it cannot hamper your confidence and your high spirits. You have to be strong mentally and stay healthy and let it not affect you in any other way.

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