You Have to Scrub Your Face Naturally; Why?

For most women regardless of age or ethnicity, they all want clear and lighten skin. If the natural aging process has caught up with you and you are looking to clear roadblocks to lighter skin, and you want to do this the natural way you got a lot of options.

How can you fight dark spots or hyperpigmentation?

In contrast to the dangers of skin bleaching, skin lightening has a definite function since it aims to fade out the unwanted blemishes caused by too much melanin. Skin lightening products like Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer has the intention to inhibit tyrosinase from stopping overproduction of melanin.

Simply put, tyrosinase inhibitors control hyperpigmentation. You can lighten your skin naturally without the risks associated with another active ingredient known as hydroquinone when you choose the right products.  Keep in mind that whatever you use in your face and skin will eventually either lighten your skin color or do more damage. This depends on your choices.

By using natural ways to lighten your skin you are restoring your skin into healthy. Some of the benefits include a radiant and glowing younger looking skin.  

What is Tyrosinase Inhibitor?

In the basal layer of your skin lies an enzyme is better known as tyrosinase. You can protect your skin cells from damage by using products that contain ingredients with Tyrosine inhibitor.  If you want to see, lighten skin, and you want to see it stay that way you have to use a skincare product like Lantique Skin Lightening Cream whose primary function is to inhibit melanin production while keeping your skin healthy and adequately nourished. The threat of hyperpigmentation lies literally underneath your skin. The sad truth is that this will surface later on life if will not find a natural way to control it.

There are two common kinds of tyrosine inhibitor which are available in the beauty products market.  

The first kind has hydroquinone which was mentioned earlier as placing your skin at risk.

The second one offers you’re a more natural way of preventing and correcting hyperpigmentation like Lantique Skin Lightening cream.

If you keep your cells unprotected, the threat of hyperpigmentation will remain. Tyrosinase inhibitors will only prevent skin discoloration and uneven skin tone if you use this continuously.

There is a dark side to hydroquinone and to put it bluntly, it is not for everyone. This is because using hydroquinone can irritate sensitive skin. You can also suffer from redness, itching, dryness, and other side effects if your skin cannot tolerate this ingredient. Research proves that prolong use of synthetic hydroquinone has a lethal side effect.

Instead of lightening your skin, there is a chance that you will have a skin disorder referred to as exogenous ochronosis where your skin develops blue and black spots.  This is not all; you might suffer from severe hyperpigmentation where you will have rougher skin because of sensitivity towards synthetic hydroquinone. You might be aware of this but, the more you apply the product on your skin the worse your pigmentation becomes.

Why Scrub Your Face Naturally

You have to know your skin intimately by understanding the science behind it. Using a moisturizer can lighten your skin. The best way to exfoliate is actually to hydrate your skin with the help of a moisturizer like Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum Bleaching Cream. Although you see the word bleaching this cream is so gentle that it whitens the spots in your skin not just your face. If you got sensitive skin, this is the right cream to help you achieve whiter skin but, done the right way. This is because of its Kojic acid formula.

o    What Are the Benefits of Kojic Acid?

  •    Lighten skin
  •    Treat skin condition such as sun damage, age spots, and even scars
  •    Prevents overproduction of melanin
  •    Anti-aging effect by reducing age spots and sun damage
  •    Lessens the impact of melasma especially during pregnancy
  •    Decreases the appearance of scars. You will notice lighter scar tissues with continued use
  •    Provides anti-bacterial protection decreases your risk of having bacterial skin infections
  •    Anti-fungal benefits which prevent athletes foot and yeast infection

If you are in your twenties, you might not need to exfoliate. This is because your skin is still producing new cells like clockwork.

How do you hit the balance with putting an effort to exfoliate but, not ruining your skin in the process?

The simple solution is to avoid over exfoliating. When you notice that your skin becomes red and it starts to peel, you see the tell-tale signs that you are over scrubbing. It is possible to have lighter skin when you use natural ingredients to exfoliate. Just remember not to overdo it, or your face will not be happy with the results.

Going enthusiastic about exfoliating can make your skin lose its moisture. Over exfoliation can disrupt the natural skin barrier. This explains why skin experts recommend limiting skin exfoliation at least once or twice a week tops. You also need to protect your skin after you exfoliate. This means you need to load up with the right moisturizer, whitener and sunscreen protector. Use a product that will strengthen your skin barrier while it allows you to lighten your skin.  

Which Natural Oils Lighten Skin

There are some easy to find essential oils that can help lighten skin. Essential oils are natural and come from plant extracts. These oils are extracted from different parts of the plants like:

  •    Fruits
  •    Flowers
  •    Leaves

Because of the length in processing these essential oils, you will find that they come with an expensive price tag. However, the advantage is that since these are in concentrated form, just a few drops can be enough for what you need. Essential oils must be diluted with the right carrier oil or emulsifier. By doing so, this keeps your skin safe. Emulsifiers are primarily used in foods. Emulsifiers allow oil and water to mix naturally.

Going back to the use of essential oils for skin lightening you can choose from this list:

  •    Lavender

The lavender essential oil is anti-inflammatory. Using lavender will reduce skin redness and ruddiness. You will notice a bright and natural skin tone through continued use. As a bonus, you will see lighter age spots.

  •    Lemon

The juice from lemons can lighten and brighten skin tone. The natural acid from lemons will remove dead skin cells.

  •    Lemongrass

Lemongrass just like lemons helps to lighten your skin through its detoxifying properties. Lemongrass can remove skin impurities showing brighter radiant skin.

  •    Bergamot

Just like lemons, bergamot has skin lightening effect by clearing out pigmentation. This works as well on sensitive, dull or dry complexion as well. Thanks to its citrus scent bergamot help to ease the mind. This explains why essential oils from bergamot are used for aromatherapy.

  •    Sandalwood

Sandalwood powder can make your skin fairer. This works to control oily skin too.

  •    Rosemary

In addition to lightening the skin, rosemary will boosts blood flow to all skin cells.

Facial wash additive

You can use these essential oils in your face wash. Squeeze a small amount of your regular face wash and add a drop or two of essential oils. You can add ten drops of essential oil for every 100 ml of liquid facial wash.

Facial Steam

Add about 3 to 4 drops of essential oils to a large bowl of hot water, and voila you got an instant and natural facial steam.

The hot air from the steam will carry the oils into your skin pores. You will also notice that your skin will lighten after consistently doing this at least once or twice a week.

Skin Serum

You can add some essential oils to your favorite essential oil. Mix at least ten drops of carrot seed oil with five drops of geranium oil and five drops of lemon oil. For best results use this before you got to bed.

Avoid using a large number of essential oils since this will not make your skin lighten up fast. It will take a little of your patience and time to see results. The average time that it will take time to see visible results could be from three weeks to at least a month.

In ending, scrubs will moisturize your skin and will work better if you are in the shower while you exfoliate the dead skin cells slough off revealing the fresh lighter skin underneath. The essential elements that you need to lighten skin include ingredients that will exfoliate, soften and brighten your dark skin.

You can try to use ready-made products that will give the same results as the suggested homemade formula as seen above. Hopefully, after you use facial scrubs or oils, you can regain back the natural beauty of your skin. You know that you are doing it right when you see the changes in your skin. If others notice the difference in you; it’s the result of faithfully using these natural ways to clearer radiant skin.

Do you use essential oil or do you prefer a natural cream?

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