How to Prevent Wrinkles in 40s?

What separates a good anti-aging eye cream from the average? When you were young you got a nearly flawless smooth skin. As time passes by, wrinkles start to appear and you begin to panic. For every problem, there is always a solution. You can find a way to prevent wrinkles from appearing under your eyes, around the mouth, forehead, neck, and hands. With constant scientific breakthroughs, there are several ways to minimize or even remove wrinkles. The goal is to soften and erase these wrinkles. By using natural skin friendly cream this will allow younger looking skin to resurface. Some people even resort to the cosmetic procedure under an experienced doctor.  Choose an effective product like LuxeOrganix Vitamin C Infusion Nourishing Daily Moisturizer?

Types of Wrinkles

During your younger days even if you do spend a lot of time partying your skin remains fresh and radiant. However, aging happens and you find yourself in your 40s. This makes you ask, what causes wrinkles to appear at the 40s. First of all, you should know that wrinkles are not created equal. The researchers at the University Hospital of Liege has divided wrinkles into four main types.

  • Crinkle Lines or Forehead Wrinkles

These are wrinkles that appear in the forehead. This type of wrinkles is referred to as worry lines. Habitual facial expressions cause this type of wrinkles to appear. Genetics plays a role in why this comes out. If you are wondering how to prevent wrinkles on the forehead here is what you can do.

  • Check your sleeping position. Avoid sleeping with the side of your face on a pillow
  • Control your stressors
  • Stay hydrated
  • Limit your exposure to pollutants
  • Eat food rich in antioxidants
  • Avoid smoking
  • Do facial exercises to counteract the effects of muscle motions such as laughing or squinting


  • Dynamic Expression Lines

As you age your skin will lose its elasticity. If you frown a lot this will eventually cause crow’s feet and laugh lines to appear. This type of wrinkles shows when you are not using your facial muscles.

If you want to know how to prevent wrinkles under eyes you can try these out

  • Use Honey skin Organics Face and Body Cream Moisturizer. This cream contains powerful ingredients that will go deep into your skin cells. Your skin will quickly absorb the moisturizer because of its deep penetrating action.
  • Do facial exercises to reverse the signs of aging. Be disciplined and stick to the program.


  • Gravitational Folds

As your skin loses its firmness it will sag. This will produce folds under the neck, chin, and jowls. The long vertical lines on your chin are referred to as marionette lines. These type of lines are signs of advanced aging. Sleeping on your side will put pressure on your neck and chest which causes the wrinkles to appear.

How to prevent wrinkles on the neck, here are some of the best ways to prevent this

  • Moisturize your neck
  • Use anti-aging serum like Christina Moss Naturals Facial Moisturizer. This moisturizing cream will work for all types of skin and wrinkles
  • Drink sufficient amount of water. Hydration will work wonders to fight the effects of skin aging. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day.
  • Permanent Elastotic Creases

People with a pale complexion and have heavy sun exposure suffer from this type of wrinkles.  Creases appear in the lips, cheeks and the base of the neck. This can become a permanent fixture of your skin. You need to find a way how to prevent wrinkles around the mouth, other parts of your face and neck.

The best way to prevent this type of skin damage is through

  • Good skin care regimen
  • Use a cream cleanser.
  • Exfoliate every week
  • Apply a facial serum
  • Use moisturizer on your neck and décolleté
  • Use sunscreen. When you use sunscreen you protect your from skin cancer and wrinkles at the same time
  • Avoid too much sun exposure
  • Don’t smoke. Research study reveals that cigarette smoking causes your skin to age.
  • Use fractional laser resurfacing to rebuild skin elasticity
  • Get enough sleep. This simple solution really works. It is during the night when your body switches on active regeneration mode. Your body produces melatonin. This is an anti-aging hormone   

When Do Wrinkles Appear?

Some people will get wrinkles even in their mid-20s. These are better known as premature wrinkles.  These wrinkles appear not because of aging. Caring for your skin will make a huge difference. When you are in your 30s you will notice fine lines start to appear. You will also suffer from an increase in skin pigmentation. You will notice pronounced smile lines and poorer skin texture.

However, it is during your 40s when your body undergoes profound changes. The normal effects of aging cause wrinkles to appear at this stage of life.

How do you move forward? First of all, you need to accept that wrinkles are a normal part of life. You can never go back and blame the days that you spend too much time under the sun. Your lifestyle choices is another culprit. There is always hope; have a specific skin care routine to save your skin.

Prevent Eye Wrinkles

Have you noticed the first signs of aging around your eyes? You can learn how to reduce eye wrinkles and fine lines giving your skin that radiant glow. Although you cannot totally remove wrinkles permanently there are other ways to reduce its appearance.

  • Use an anti-aging eye cream

The skin around your eyes is too sensitive than the rest of your face. Look for skincare products that will accelerate your skin’s cell renewal.

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure

Sun is the number one reason for wrinkles to appear. If you cannot avoid spending too much time under the sun protect yourself by using sunscreen. You can wear a hat or clothes that cover your body.

  • Have your eyes check

If you squint a lot this causes creases to form in your skin. Visit the optometrist, you might need a new pair of contacts or eyeglasses.

  • Include fish in your diet

Salmon and other cold water fish contain omega 3 which prevents wrinkles. This essential fatty acid nourishes your skin to keep it looking young and supple.

Wrinkles are more noticeable when it appears in the face however, your hands and arms shows the first signs of aging. Your hands are the most hardworking part of your body. You need to take care of your hands to make it look younger. If your next thought is how to prevent wrinkles on hands here are some tips on how to do this.

How to Reduce Wrinkles in Your Hands

  • Use hand cream

Use a cream that will lighten your skin. Use a gentle chemical peel. This contains acid that will gently remove the outer layer of the skin revealing fresh skin.

  • Choose a better skin moisturizer

Use hand lotion that will prevent aging and those dry scaly patches. If your hand lotion does not give you smoother hands it is time to trade this for a new one. Choose a lotion that has omega-3 and linoleic acid since both of these will make it look youthful. Look for a hand lotion that has lipids that will keep natural moisture intact.

  • Slip on gloves

Whether you are gardening, washing the dishes or driving you to need gloves to protect your hands.


How to Prevent Wrinkles Before They Appear

Prevention is the key to having nearly wrinkle-free skin. Genetics may affect the way your skin age. How you take care of your skin plays a huge role in how to delay the onset of wrinkles.  Focus on specific areas where wrinkles normally appear. Facial expression produces baby wrinkles. These are tiny creases that appear where the skin repeatedly moves. Early indentation affects the most vulnerable part of your faces like the forehead, eyes and mouth area.

Treatments should address problem areas of your skin. The best topical solution must aim towards the following


  • Repairing the damage

Use an anti-aging eye cream preferably with retinol for your eye area. Retinol strengthens your skin to help it fight skin aging.

  • Increasing collagen production

Retinol based products encourage collagen production. This ingredient minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin experts consider retinol to be the most powerful ingredient for rejuvenation.

  • Fade out unwanted hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a result of acne and mishandled skin treatments. This condition is also known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or simply “PIH”. This condition generally affects the face and body. PIH is your skin’s natural response to inflammation. Pigmentation tends to be more intense when the cause is too much sun exposure.

You can wear sunscreen or spend less time under the sun. Your skin naturally darkens in the sun.  Gently exfoliate your skin first before you use skin lightening products. Exfoliated skin will quickly absorb the product better. Exfoliating your skin works better than harsh scrubbing. Severe scrubbing will do more harm than good.

  • Prevent skin thinning

Thicker skin does not show each bruise and will not tear easily. Thin skin is a result of too much sun exposure and aging. Each time that you are exposed to the sun without using sunscreen; the sun slowly destroys your skin. The sun and using tanning beds will cause your dermis to lose its elasticity.  Your skin starts to lose its ability to bounce back. Your once thick skin starts to go thinner. Wrinkles start to appear. However, you can always work to prevent further damage.

Once your skin is thin, there is so little that you can do to reverse the damage. Exposure to ultraviolet light is a cumulative process. It does not happen in just one day. You need to use sunscreen on your face, neck, chest, arms, and hands every day. You must use sunscreen not just those times that you swim. What you do during your 20s and 30s will take an effect on how your skin turns out now.

The Bottom Line

Wrinkles are lines that appear in your skin as a part of the natural aging process. Sun exposed areas of your skin get the most amount of folds and creases. It was previously mentioned above that there is a wide range of causes why wrinkles appear.  The two main reasons why you get wrinkles is the loss of skin firmness and elasticity because of aging. Deep creases might need drastic measures such as plastic surgery procedures.

No matter what condition your skin is at, never underestimate the value of preventing further damage. Whether you are in your late 30s, it is never too early or too late to start preventing wrinkles. Don’t lose the wrinkle battle. You don’t have to watch helplessly while the glow of youth grows dimmer. While some might need to visit their dermatologist, there are things that you can do on your own.

Go ahead and slather on that anti-aging cream to preserve your skin from now on.

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