How Do I Get Rid Of Pimples On My Face?

A big event tomorrow. You decide on a beauty sleep for yourself. You wake up the next morning and welcome an unexpected guest – Hello pimple! The only guest you have to attend before any important event- be it your first presentation, best friend’s marriage or your first date- they just pop.  I know how relatable this is because this is something almost everyone has experienced. But what is worst than the arrival of this guest that they become the center of attraction all the time! You are no more important to anyone anymore and this tiny, or at times fatso takes away all the attraction.   

Now what?

How do I get rid of them?

Should I just pop them off or let it be this way?

Some thousands of questions like these and their consequences start up their very own battle blowing your mind, and you don’t understand how to handle this situation. All you know that you somehow want to wipe it out your skin and want that flawless, healthy skin back!

Of course, such a breakout won’t just disappear overnight (only if a fairy magically appears and waves her wand around), but some remedies can definitely help them heal fast.

Prevention is better than cure

What is the need for a cure when you can just prevent it from happening? Before asking ‘why’ let us know ‘how’ and get to the root of the problem. According to the dermatologists, the reasons for these sudden arrivals are

  • An excessive amount of oil produced by the skin, leading to clogging of pores.
  • Accumulation of dead skin cells
  • Bacterial attack 

While it can happen to anyone anytime, some preventive measures could safeguard your skin against this breakout

  • One should wash his/her face with water at least twice in a day since it helps in the removal of unwanted dust and dirt particles over the skin 
  • Limit the process of exfoliating skin since excess of everything is bad and extreme exfoliation can cause the removal of natural oil from the skin, which in turn leads to more pimples. 
  • Reduce stress and increase meditation and yoga. 
  • Contact your dermatologist for details about your skin and the products that need to be used.

Spot it out 

Try going to the root of the problem and treat it from the base. While popping the acne is not recommended since it might be followed with the marks and other effects, it is easy to dry it out, and let go off it after that – spot treatment. This treatment helps in sucking out the oil from the pimple and open up the clogged pore for the skin to breathe. All you have to do it apply some at the affected area or the specific pimple and see the magic happening!


The wonders done by these spot treatments is because of the presence of the following active agents

  • Benzoyl peroxide 

               It basically kills the surrounding bacteria making the area bleak for any further bacterial attack. It further might dry out your skin very much. Also, because of its beaching property, it is advised not to be used while being in contact with any fabric as it might simply wipe out the color of the fabric.  

  • Salicylic Acid

               It works out to extract all the gunk present in the pore, thereby unclogging it. It mixes the dead skin cells with it and let it do the rest of the task of drying the pore out. It also works really well with the pimple with whiteheads.

  • Sulphur

               Just as close to what benzoyl peroxide does, it works the same way except for the fact that unlike benzoyl peroxide, it does not harm your clothes being in contact. It also helps in reducing inflammation and can help swollen acne look little less dangerous by making it smaller.  Try using It after washing you face with a fresh hand without transferring any kind of germ or dirt from your finger to the applying skin.

While some of these spot treatments can be left overnight, some needs to be washed off after a few minutes of application, also, to keep in mind, these are effective and helpful only if you face this issue occasionally. For a regular breakout, they might not work wonders for you or for some, might not work at all.

Tea tree to get rid of pimples

Tea tree oil has some magnificent properties to control this situation and work great on your pores and pimples. Though its usage won’t produce results overnight, it would for sure help in preventing the problem to arise anytime in the future. It is a natural antiseptic which nullifies the effect of bacteria causing acne. The oil causing acne mixes well with tea tree oil, which further prevents the clogging of pores, thereby further diminishing the effect of it and gives the skin time to heal naturally. 

For healthy glowing skin, try using products with tea tree oil everyday so which can obstruct the way of a pimple. 

You can use this natural and organically prepared face cream from Organica with tea tree oil for a defined skin tone and a healthy skin.


Cover stick Conceal

While in the case of emergency, nothing could work wonder, but this acne could be concealed and also treated at the same time. Most of the foundation does not give very good coverage over pimples, and the little red part is somewhat still visible, try using the cover stick concealers. They are specifically created to hide the uneven skin problems giving good full-face coverage. Also, the product with tea tree oil can hit the bull’s eye! While you’ll be out hiding that little red buddy, the cover stick with the anti-inflammatory property will be secretly healing your skin. 

Also, using down some makeup with salicylic acid as ingredients would be a cherry on the top. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or where you are going; you know that your skin is healing and the breakout has to go away anyway now. 

While this being an easy way out, do remember that the makeup with pores clogging properties should be highly avoided as it might just worsen up the situation. It can be done by applying a little layer of gel or cream with special ingredients like salicylic acid, sulphur or even essential oil with tea tree oil in it. Also, let’s just give a little surprise to amazement that happened by an unexpected guest!

Toothpaste- the journey from teeth to get rid Pimple 

While this is considered the quick stop solution, it might not be a great hack for the long run. Dr Schultz, a dermatologist from New York, do warn all the users saying “It might be the reason that your skin acts differently by causing irritation and burning sensations if you apply it to pimples”. 

He also breaks the myth and hypnotises when asked the origin of this crazy hack saying “someone with a pimple near mouth accidentally got toothpaste which helped get rid of it and at this moment a new invention made”.

Time for Derma 

Every individual is unique and different, and so is their skin as well. It is not necessarily what suits others would Sureshot work for you as well. While these treatments are good for people who have to attend to this problem occasionally, this might not be a very useful alternative for people with acne prone skin. For that reason, you need to talk to your dermatologist for expert advice and recommendations because nothing can beat the knowledge of an expert in their subject.

Also, they might also suggest you to go for some kind of medications if required. Since this problem can be due to excessively oily skin or maybe hormonal imbalance, what needs to be done can only be told by your dermatologist. Also, what you think might just be a pimple could be contact dermatitis, boil or maybe even an epidermoid cyst. 

Inject to Eject 

There are intralesional injections called Kenalog, which can be injected to your zit to counteract the effect of the rid pimple. But again, before going for any such medication, don’t forget to ask your dermatologist. It should be taken only after recommended by your dermatologist. This painless process might still take up to 36 hours depending upon the skin type to act and react for the result to show up. 

While struggling hard to get rid of this zit, you also need to be careful about your actions. Here are some do’s and don’ts you need to keep in your mind while juggling between what to do and what since any wrong action can adversely affect your skin and be the reason for your life long crisis.


All the Do’s and Don’ts

  • Cool with Ice: If the acne is really painful and is disturbing you then put ice over it. Ice numbs the pain and soothes your skin. Again, what you do not have to do is to directly apply it since it can burn your skin that would just increase the pain instead of decreasing it. Wrap the ice cube and press it gently over the zits. It will not only relief you with the pain but also reduce the swelling caused.


  • Avoid overdrying: While salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are considered a good remedy, also do make it a point that excess of everything is bad. Overdrying the skin can further cause more irritation and redness. You might think that you have finally found a solution to the problem, but this can be an invite to yet another problem which of course you do not want to face all over again.
  • Makeup and not made up: Make sure that the makeup you are using are helping you solve the issue instead of being the reason itself. Always use the products that suit your skin type and put a positive impact on it instead of any harmful negative effect. It should always let your skin grow and heal. Adding to this, make sure the makeup you are applying is in the correct form, and you are using it properly. Don’t let your makeup be a harsh layer that further suffocates your skin, thereby not letting it breathe naturally. Also, hygiene is a must and don’t forget to wash off your makeup brushes and sponges regularly as the amount of the product used accumulates and it, in turn, hampers your skin. 


  • Healthy is wealthy: As very well said, health is your real wealth. One must not forget that a healthy body is never out of style. Everyone gets to notice the healthy you – that glow on your face and shining skin is just priceless! Make sure that your skin is hydrated by drinking a good amount of water regularly and eat fruits and healthy vegetables as well. Try to avoid outside and junk food. People with oily skin are also advised by many dermatologists. I know the urge to grab those fries late night when you are craving it is a real struggle but every time you feel this way ask yourself a question – Is satisfying your craving at the cost of your skin and beauty a good deal? The answer to this question will surely help you survive the day without any junk adding to the meal. 


  • Everything that shines is not glitter: I know you would be very intimidated by the fact that the natural remedy that worked for your friend and her friend would also do wonders to you, but this is not how it goes. You must not try every hack or DIY you see on YouTube or done by any beauty guru since it might have worked for them but not for you. You are special and unique. Everyone is blessed in their own type, and so are you. It is not a hard and fast rule that everything should work for you as well. Depending upon the skin type and the type of pimple, remedies would vary. While some could help you solve your problem, others might just have a reverse effect on your skin, which in turn Detroit your skin texture. 


  • Trick the itch: With so much happening around because of your pimple, you might also feel a little tingling sensation and at a time also want to prick it. Doing this would relieve you for some time, but it does more harm to you than any good. This is the medium of transfer of harmful bacteria and germs and can cause your skin some serious “trauma” as stated by Dr. Zichner, a dermatologist from New York. Not only this, for the long run, it might leave the scars to this pricking zit which again would but you to the same spot where it all started. 

Now that you know everything about your guest, it is up to you how well you treat them and then see them off. Of course, not something everyone would welcome with a happy heart, but yeas some preventive measure and post arrival methods to get rid of it would for sure help and let everything work a great way without causing much harm to you. You just need to follow the natural beauty tips for face at home and will be on the right path for a no pimple face ever.

Not to forget that healthy skin is a key to everything and you need to work more on hydrating your skin for a glowing, flawless look.

But what might think of a simple could also be any other thing which might not work with your remedies so don’ t be a doctor yourself and always ask your derma to treat you with the best solution and options.

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