How Do You Treat Extremely Dry Hands?

You look at your dry hands and start to panic.

What have you done to cause your hands to dry and peel like that?

One of the hardest working parts of your body has got to be your hands. You ask what helps dehydrated hands. If you got skin allergy or your skin is susceptible, you need to keep it simple. You can choose pure oils with a natural base since these are great dry skin remedies like Organic SCA 100% Pure & Natural Moisturizing Hand Cream for Dry Hands besides getting a 5-star review this hand cream works as an overnight balm to heal your chapped hands while you sleep. However, you must remember to protect your skin from moisture loss by using a moisturizer as well. Use a soap that will not dry or strip the natural oils from your skin.  

What Causes Dry Hands?

Cracked dry hands are a sight that you do not want to behold. Do you know that it is a pretty common hand condition?

Cracks in your skin start to appear because your skin loses its oils and moisture. Chapped hands tend to feel rough in texture especially on the backside portion since natural oils do generally not collect there. The surface of your skin can be compared to that of dry terry cloth.

As if seeing your hands look all dried up is not enough, this condition is sometimes accompanied by pain and bleeding. You wonder why your hands have become red and flaky.

  •    Medical condition

People having autoimmune disorders such as diabetes or lupus can suffer from abnormal blood circulation to the hands. Other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can also cause your skin to get irritated. Believe it or not, the way that your hands look and feel can reveal hidden health problems. This can range from poor blood circulation like what was previously mentioned here, or it can be signs of liver disease.  

Having red palm is one of the most classic signs for men or women over 50 who has liver damage. The redness is visible on the outer edge of the palms from the wrist to the little finger. However, it does not stop there; other potential health conditions that can cause red palms is overactive thyroid or rheumatoid arthritis.

  •    Weather

When it is winter, you will notice that your hands change its texture. This is because there is a lack of moisture. During winter, the air becomes humid and dry. If you wash your hands frequently, this will strip away its natural oils.

  •    Environmental irritants

Besides the climate change, the chemicals that surround us will exert pressure on your skin. Overuse of water and too much scrubbing for those who do frequent hand washing like nurses, doctors, and similar professions strip your hands of oil.

How to Prevent Dry Hands

Do you work in a hospital or restaurant? If you work at either of these two or in a similar job, this means you wash your hands frequently. This explains why you have dry hands. If it is your working conditions that is causing this condition, carrying a small bottle of moisturizer or lotion will do the trick. The catch is that you have to reapply cream or moisturizer throughout the day. You can try to follow these tips to rejuvenate your tired hands.

  1.    Avoid soap as much as you can

Dermatologist Dr. Susan T. Nedorost of University Hospital Case Medical Center in Cleveland reveal her findings confirming that healthcare workers who were their hands for at least eight or more times a day might develop hand dermatitis.

This kind of hand condition can take months to heal. Dermatitis might not ring an alarm bell; however, dermatitis affects the integrity of your skin as a barrier to bacteria and pathogens.

Dermatitis is not just a problem for healthcare settings. Experts categorize this under occupational diseases which makes up about 35 percent of known cases of work-related skin diseases. Furthermore, reducing hand hygiene is not the answer but, prevention is. Manufacturers of appropriate products can fill this gap, especially during the cold winter months.

  1.    Moisturize the Skin

Every time that you wash you needs to moisturize your hands. Do carry moisturizer wherever you go. Choose a moisturizer that your skin can quickly absorb while it soothes your dry skin.

  1.    Avoid Hot Air Dryers

Even if using hot dryers looks so convenient, these can quickly dry out your hands. Pat dry your hands using a hand towel or allow your hands to dry naturally before you put on lotion.

  1.    Exfoliate

You often exfoliate your face and other parts of your body but, you neglect your hands. You can use sugar and add some olive oil. Rub both sides of your hands to loosen up dry skin. Use this natural exfoliant at least once to four times a week depending on what your skin needs. Use a moisturizer afterward.

How Do You Treat Dry Hands?

Dr. Christine Lopez, a dermatologist from Cleveland Clinic in Ohio shares how the natural remedy for dry hands could be worth a try. She is an advocate of keeping it simple by favoring the use of natural oils and treatments to heal your super dry working hands. A perfect example would be to Herbacin Kamille with Glycerine Hand Cream which soothes and nourishes your hands with the healing powers of chamomile. This cream also contains glycerin which moisturizes while it repairs your skin making it smoother. Here are other natural remedies to fight flaky red and peeling hands:

  1.    Wash hands gently.

Since washing your hands takes away the natural oils do this gently. There is no need to over scrub to remove the dirt. Do wash up the cracks in your chapped hands and treat this as an open wound. Don’t forget to use warm water.

  1.    Don’t put the lotion in cracked hands

It was mentioned earlier how cracked hands resemble open wounds.  If you use lotion, you will only make matters worse. You can still use cream but, you have to put petroleum jelly or ointment on the cracked part. Cover this using Band-Aid. This is now the right time to use a thick moisturizing cream to cover the rest of your hands. You must choose a product like Morning Skin Rose Super Moisturizing Hand Care Set that contains pure emollients and humectants that will protect and hydrate your skin. By the way, emollients are non-cosmetic moisturizers that will keep your skin feel comfortable. Emollients lessen the itchiness by keeping the skin moist.

  1.    Wear gloves

It would not hurt to use gloves when you frequently immersed your hands in water. When you use gloves, you prevent the water from stripping your skin of its natural oils.

  1.    Keep stress under control

There is a relationship with having eczema and finding yourself in a constant stressful environment. No one knows for sure what causes dermatitis; however, for all types of eczema, the culprit is a combination of genes and a trigger. People that have this skin condition tend to have an over-reactive immune system. The trigger is usually either a substance inside or outside your body. People with eczema have dry and infection-prone skin.

The Bottom Line

Having dry hands is normal but, when you want to find a cure for this skin dilemma using the suggestions given here can help treat and prevent this condition. Using the right treatment will stop your skin from peeling. You need to know when to seek outside help in case you are suffering from more than just an everyday fact of super dry hands. Don’t be afraid to ask the advice of a dermatologist if you observe your condition has blossomed into an infection. By searching for professional help, you can prevent possible complications. You will know when you have a less than average case of dry hands if you notice that.

  •    Your skin is abnormally red
  •    There are visible signs of discoloration in different parts of your hands
  •    Bleeding exists
  •    Drainage from open areas of your chapped skin
  •    There is swelling

In case, it is just a simple case of dried up aging hands, home treatment and the tips given above will work to restore your hands into its former glory. You don’t have to say goodbye to those silky smooth hands even if you love cleaning so much or just like scrubbing a little too much using anti-bacterial soap. Remember this, other than the wrinkles on your face, one of the tell-tale signs of aging has got to be your hands.

Get in the habit of showing respect by treating your hands like precious jewels. Your hands are not tools that you can use and abuse. You need to pamper your hands and give it the special treatment that it deserves. By taking care of your much-neglected part of the body, it takes care of you.


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