Natural Beauty Tips for Face at Home for Every Woman

Being a woman is hard, and the pressure to look good always takes a toll on us. While balancing our hectic lives, we tend to pay lesser attention to our health and skin, which naturally brings out a dozen of skin issues.

Natural Beauty Tips for Face at Home

Is rushing to the salon every time the only solution we have?

You will be delighted to know that the answer is NO. You can very well cater to your skin’s needs at home with beauty tips for face.

Among the many beauty tips, we have curated a list of the most effective ones for you.



  • Water to the rescue:

Wise people have always said, water is the solution to every problem. If you don’t believe us, try drinking eight glasses of water every day. You will see your skin clearing up within a few days. Your body ideally needs eight glasses or 2-liter water intake each day, and failing to do so might show considerable effects on your face. To avoid acne, zit, puffiness, or dull skin you can rely on water.

Not just that, you can use rose water too. It not only maintains the pH balance of your face but also hydrates your skin.

You can also increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, which have high water content. Watermelon, cucumber, oranges, strawberry, and grapefruit can supply ample water to your body. More the water intake, the healthier you will be, and it will certainly be reflected in how your face glows after it.  

  1. The Golden CTM rule:

It is called as the golden rule, for when all beauty tips for face fail to show any effective results, the CTM rule can still do wonders. CTM stands for Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing.

Cleansing is the process that removes grime, dirt, and oils that are accumulated deeper into your skin while toning further removes the impurities if left during cleansing and also maintains the pH level.

The last step of moisturizing provides the skin with the nourishment that it needs. It will work on the dry patches, restore the nourishment and make it soft and supple. Following it as your skincare regime will not only maintain the health but also keep you looking young for a longer time. It will reduce the signs of aging like spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. And isn’t that what we all women wish for? So, start following it today.  



  • Exercise it out:

Exercise can certainly get you fit and active, which ultimately means healthier skin. A research was conducted recently, by McMaster University which exhibited results showing that endurance exercises have help fight signs of aging. Confused how that works? Let us enlighten you.

Endurance exercises pertain to aerobic activities that can significantly improve your cardio-respiratory fitness. The longer you indulge in aerobic exercises, more will be your endurance. Aerobic exercises can be anything from brisk walking to running or even cycling, that you can include in your daily schedule.

It will help you tighten the aging skin and also save your hair from thinning or turning grey. A 45-minute long exercise can do wonders to your skin. Plus the sweat itself will cleanse out your face skin and give you a naturally glowing skin. There are innumerable benefits of exercises, what’s important is when will you start following it as beauty tips for face.


  • Leave your pimples alone:

Yes, we all know how annoying and irritating pimples can be. What’s more frustrating is how they can sense an important event coming up and decide to show up just then. No matter how important the future event is, or how determined you are to pick it, DON’T.

It is scientifically proven that during that period, your skin has not healed properly and is extremely delicate. And when the acne is squeezed or picked, it hampers the healing process leaving a scar or sometimes even an infection.

So, while you may or may not follow any other beauty tips for face, follow it religiously to keep your face healthy and scar free. All you need is a little self-restraint to keep your hands off to get glowing skin.



  • Take off your make up:

We all love to put on makeup and look our best for a night of partying, but we tend to ignore the clean up that is needed after it. Sleeping with the makeup on can block the pores and stop your skin from breathing. It leads to sudden breakouts, flare-ups, and even dull or sagging skin.

Leaving the makeup on or around the eyes can become the reason for an eye infection or broken eyelashes.

Therefore, make it a strict habit always to clean your face to get rid of the makeup and oil. You can keep a makeup remover or rose water near your bed, along with cotton pads that help you remember to clean your face before sleeping. With this habit, you can say goodbye to plenty of skin and issues and welcome happy and healthy facial skin.   



  • Limit the head baths:

Many women have this habit of shampooing their hair daily, so as to feel clean and fresh. But what they ignore is that daily use of harsh shampoos can cause serious harm to not just the hair but also the scalp. It rips out the essential oils that are responsible for making the hair look shiny and manageable. To compensate, our body starts producing an excess of oils that make the hair greasier than before.

What you can do is resort to washing your hair on alternates or after every two days. It will give enough time for your body to produce the oil and give your hair shine. You can also try to use a dry shampoo, for it can give your hair a fresh look without stripping away the oils.



  • Seek shelter from the sun:

Sunlight can be our best ally and also the worst foe. While we all know how essential it is to us humans, we cannot entirely ignore the adverse effects it causes. The sun rays can be the major cause of skin cancer. The more you are under direct sunlight, the more prone you become to it. Here, it gets essential to protect your delicate skin from the harsh sunlight, and the only sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher can do so.

These beauty tips for the face are more relevant for women who have crossed the threshold of 30 years of age. They are more at risk of getting affected by it, and must always step out in after applying an effective sunscreen.

Always remember to carry one with you when going out, or cover yourself as much as you can. You can also opt for a foundation or base that contains high SPF content.


  • Healthy diet:

Diet plays a major role in shaping who you are. You need to be careful with what you keep on your plate. A diet rich in Vitamin C and low in sugar or fates can promote radiant and healthy skin. Owing to the high intake of sugar, insulin level rises and disrupts the balance of skin cells. But, with reduced sugar intake, it can be avoided. It is one of the many beauty tips for face that we tend to ignore, but it is essential.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are required for the production of collagen which improves the elasticity of the skin. You must ensure to include a good portion of it in your daily diet. Or indulge in flavor blenders like oatmeal, rice, or applesauce. Along with it, refrain from consuming spicy or fermented foods, salt, and even fried food.



  • Beauty sleep:

Sleep is the solution to every problem you’re facing. Be it an illness or skin related issue, good sleep can fasten the recovery process. Eight hours of sleep is required regularly for your body to be well rested.

If you skip out on it, your body does not get the required rest and lead to a plethora of problems. You can develop dark circles and get puffy eyes, your skin starts sagging and makes you look tired as well as older.

To avoid it you need to get a full 8-9 hours of sleep on an average.

It will not as beauty tips for face, but generally focus on your overall health and well-being. For better skin, you can wash and moisturize your skin before going to bed, and you will wake up to a glowing face.  


  • Moisturization:

When we are in our 20’s, the skin does not require much. But, as you pass the age of 30, the needs of your skin evolves. It might need much more attention and better products. Everyone, despite their age, need to keep their skin hydrated. For that one needs a rich moisturizer that can repair the dead cells and nourish it from within.

If you are above the age of 30 or just suffer from dry skin, it is time to invest in a good dryness cream or moisturizer that can take good care of your skin. It will also take care of fine lines, wrinkles, and open pores, so you can say goodbye to early signs of aging with these beauty tips for face.

Apart from a normal face moisturizer, you can also depend on a night cream to keep your skin hydrated during the night. An eye cream can come handy to keep the under eye area nourished and wrinkle-free.


  • Embrace your natural brows:

In today’s times, every woman is obsessed with fine brows. To achieve it, they resort to a series of measures. Many want them thinner and sharper and go on tweezing it, while others go with makeup to make the brows look thicker and fuller too.

Truth be told, both of these options are going to affect your skin.

While the former can age you early and make you look older; the latter is never as good compared to the natural ones. Therefore, avoid playing too much with them and accept the natural shape and consistency. Or you can even talk to a professional for insights on how to groom them.   


  • Get in touch with nature:  

We live in a volatile world, which is ruled by deadlines and submissions which tend to take a toll on our health. We hardly get the time to focus on our health and well-being. But as the most important of the beauty tips for face, it is essential to give enough attention on it. The best way can be to get in touch with nature.

You must rely on yoga to help you repair your ailing and damaged skin. It takes the negative emotions and stresses out of your life, reflecting a natural glow on your face.

Along with it, there are natural scrubs or masks that you can use on a daily basis to keep your skin hydrated. There are ancient ayurvedic scrubs that can be made at home with purely organic ingredients, which will bless you with glowing facial skin.

Final note:

Women, being caregivers always keep others needs in front of them. Their own health takes a backseat when their family’s needs are in question. But, I guess it is high time now that we start taking care of ourselves, for we deserve the pampering and self-care. For when we are healthy and at our best, then only we can take care of others.

So, to start slow you can depend on these beauty tips for face, not just to combat skin issues, but also to stay healthy. Every woman is beautiful, but sometimes it just takes a few efforts to bring out the natural beauty that has been hiding beneath layers of societal pressures. Shed all your inhibitions and be the beautiful you.  


What are your beauty routines? 

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