Natural Ways to Get Rid of Turkey Neck

You wake up feeling refresh by a good night’s sleep; when you appreciate the way your neck looks, you notice signs of turkey neck, and you start to panic. Stop for a while; the good news is that you don’t have to go under the knife, there are natural ways to get rid of turkey neck. Carla Challis who has worked in the lifestyle industry for ten years shares how you can use exercises to get rid of turkey neck without surgery.

Exfoliants will do the job of removing dead skin cells, as it tightens the skin on your neck. Another solution would be to rebuild skin collagen, as you age your body stops producing collagen and what remains will begin to break down. You can use InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer Anti-Aging Night Face Cream since this will encourage collagen production while hydrating your face and neck, giving you that skin plumping effect.

What’s Turkey Neck?

Your face might look youthful but, when it is paired with a neck and chest that shows the signs of aging, this will look unnatural. Sagging skin is a dead giveaway for your age. You begin to wonder, when did these wrinkles appear and what causes it?

Turkey neck is a slang that refers to the sagging neck. The skin on your neck is both thin and delicate. Since it is less oily than your facial skin, dryness tends to give you that weathered, aged skin appearance.

The extra skin did not just get there it was the result of different factors like genetics, hormones, an early sign of aging, environmental elements and a list of habits that you are not aware of.

One of the most common causes of having this condition is too much sun exposure. This is because the ultraviolet rays of the sun break down the connective tissues of your skin. The sun’s rays cause your skin to lose its elasticity. When the sun hits your face, neck, and chest, it produces that thinning skin effect.

The way that you wash your face can also contribute to your sagging neck as well as the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  Smoking is another leading cause of this condition. Smoking causes your blood vessels to narrow results in your skin’s premature aging.  Fortunately, there are less invasive ways than surgery like using a neck firming cream.

This will help you regain the loss of your skin’s elasticity.  Nothing beats science and nature working together in harmony to give you Pure Biology’s Premium Neck Cream. This is no ordinary cream since it helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines not just in your neck alone. Your chest and décolleté will also benefit from its anti-aging blend.  

Do Turkey Neck Exercises Work

If you thought that it’s only your hands that shows the signs of aging think again and take a look at your turkey neck. Your neck muscles also need a little bit of TLC. It is the least area that you exercise. This explains why sagging skin appears. You can do simple exercises that can help strengthen your neck muscles. You do not need any special equipment or weights to get the full effect of activities for your neck problem area. Dr.Pramod Kerkar validates that the use of neck exercises can indeed strengthen your neck muscles.

Here are some of the neck exercises that will contribute to tighter skin.

  1.    Neck Lift
  •    For this exercise, you need to lie down on your bed with your bed hanging on the edge.
  •    Using your neck muscles slowly lift your head up
  •    Do this at least five times
  •    You need to stop doing this if you experience any signs of neck pain
  1.    A Smack Kiss
  •    Sit with your back straight
  •    Lift your head to ensure that your chin points towards the ceiling
  •    Pout your lips as if you are about to give a smacking kiss
  •    Repeat this movement at least 20 times
  1.    Forehead Push Up
  •    Place your hand on your forehead
  •    Try to push your head against this hand without allowing your head to move forward
  •    Hold yourself in this position for at least 10 seconds
  •    Using both sides, place these behind your head, push your neck backward and hold this for 10 seconds as well
  1.    Chewing Movements
  •    Sit with your back straight
  •    Lift your head back; your chin  should point towards the ceiling
  •    Keep your lips closed while you chew with your mouth
  •    Repeat this chewing movement for at least 20 times

Turkey Neck Home Remedies

  •    Using the right firming neck cream

A less invasive and more affordable solution would be to give Dr. Denese Triple Strength Wrinkle Smoother Neck Cream a try. Products that contain collagen-boosting retinol and peptides target the deep and visible lines and circles on the neck. The aim is to soften dry, dehydrated skin on your neck and décolleté area. After using this cream for a certain period, you will get that much desires youthful and supple looking skin.  The rich antioxidant content of the right neck firming cream will restore your skin’s elasticity. The combination of the right ingredients will make your skin look healthy and glowing.

  •    Exfoliate skin in the morning

Your skin renews itself while you sleep. It is wiser to exfoliate in the morning to slough off the dead skin. You must peel with the help of a product that contains glycolic acid and alpha-hydroxy acids or AHAs. You need to clean your face first before you use any moisturizer. These acids will moisturize your skin while it helps to fade fine lines.

Make sure that when you touch your face and neck, you need to scrub gently. Rubbing too hard will do more harm than good. Over-exfoliating will cause your sebaceous glands to produce more oil than what you need. When your sebaceous glands are in overdrive, this will cause skin breakouts. It is wiser to exfoliate once or twice a week for best results. Your skin needs a perfect balance between letting go of old dry skin.

  •    Use Neck Massage

You can prevent the appearance of other problems related to sagging neck skin if you do regular neck massage. By massaging your neck, this will firm up the loose skin on your neck and upper chest neat your throat area. It is advisable to do this before you go to bed to increase circulation in your neck area.

How to Prevent Turkey Neck

Aside from the natural ways to get rid of turkey neck, there are other practical ways that you can prevent sagging skin. If you are always bend typing over your phone or computer, this can damage your spine while at the same time exaggerate the pull of gravity to produce fine lines and wrinkles on your neck and its adjacent area.

Avoid sudden weight loss by giving your skin enough time to adjust to the changes in your body. If you suddenly lose weight, your skin will feel and looked loose. The solution is to lose that excess pound gradually. Diet will also contribute on tightening your neck. You must eat foods that are rich in antioxidants.

These are foods that are mainly composed of raw or fresh fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants will minimize the damage caused by free radicals. Eating foods rich in antioxidants will boost collagen production that your aging skin needs. Consume enough amount of essential fatty acids to help your skin retain its moisture. Properly moisturize skin will look soft and supple.

Make sure that you drink lots of water. By keeping your skin hydrated, you can avoid dry skin. Water will help you lose weight and at the same time remove toxins from your skin. It is these toxins that cause your skin to look older hence the presence of turkey neck. To get that natural skin tightening effect you need to drink at least from six to eight glasses of water.

The Bottom Line

The late Nora Ephron says it well in her best-selling book “I Feel Bad About My Neck” when she said that, “our faces are lies and our necks are the truth. You have to cut open a redwood tree to see how old it is, but, you wouldn’t if it had a neck”. Her tongue in cheek essays hits the right spot; your neck and how it reveals your age. Nora is dead on the place because the skin on your neck and chest needs a little loving. The skin on your neck and chest is also thinner than the skin on your face. This explains why age spots, wrinkles will show up on your neck before it hits your face.

Besides the causes mention above, gravity is working against you. You have learned the natural ways to get rid of turkey neck without the need for invasive and costly surgical procedures. If you are given a choice you would gladly choose natural means instead of going under the knife. Don’t forget to use a good sun protection cream and apply this daily. The sun sneaks out on you just when you are enjoying its natural heat. For the sake of your skin better listen to sound advice.


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