What does acne on forehead mean?

Acne is something which can be found on any part of your body, but in most of the cases face is the target. While zits on face and blackhead around the neck are very common, the zits on some of the most unusual areas cause grave-concern. Acne is basically an extra pump of skin popped up with some impurities. It occurs when hair follicles over the skin get filled up with either oil or dead skin cells, giving rise to zits.

This often leads to another problem like whiteheads, blackheads, and usually pimples. While these are prominent on your facial skin, it can hit other parts of the body as well, which includes shoulder and chest area. While this start to happen once the kid hits puberty, acne can be seen over a lot of different age groups also.

Getting stubborn and swollen forehead acne can be the worst nightmare for anyone, but there are many ways through which you can counter this cause. Therefore if you are suffering from acne, then this article would surely prove to be your savior against these stressful skin condition.

Map it out 

To evade out the root cause forehead acne, you need to focus on a number of factors like sleeping pattern, lifestyle, food, etc. This bumpy ride over the forehead has a clinical term- subclinical acne. If your forehead is all filled with big or small, colorless or red zits, then my friend you are suffering from Subclinical acne. These are simply the clogged pores and doesn’t necessarily have to be a big red pus-filled pimple. The person suffering can see little and tiny glands when the layer beneath the skin gets clogged. In particular, these glands or tiny bumps are called Sebaceous glands, which produces little oil like secretion called Sebum.

This oil generally moisturizes and protects your skin, but when it gets mixed with some external elements, the gland which produces it is blocked, thereby giving rise to a bumpy structure over the skin. While this can happen in any part of the facial region, these are more prominent on face and cheeks since these parts of the skin are more prone to oil There can be several factors to look upon for this to happen such as-

  • Hormonal Imbalances 
  • Stress
  • Puberty
  • Diet 
  • Dehydration

Next, you need to understand that face has different regions, and hence, you can go for face mapping for a detailed diagnosis of the same. These different zones have a different level of sensitiveness, and in order to combat with your acne, you need to know which areas of your face are prone to acne. While out of these, forehead acne symbolizes Digestive Problems. Any acne over the forehead reveals that your body has troubles in tackling the stomach related problems. It might be getting hard on your body to digest the food you are eating, and improper breakout of food is causing some kind of breakout over your skin. The best way to tackle this problem is to cut down on aerated drinks and reduce the consumption of any soda or fizzy drinks, which also includes carbonated beverages. 

Pause for Cause 

Before we get any further, let us get to the root of the problem and know what is letting this happen. 

  • Applying excessive make-up

Also, piling up your skin with a lot of makeup would only aggravate the condition of your acne. The transfer of dirt and oil from fingertips and makeup tools can also be a big cause to this problem. Always wash your caps and makeup tools in regular intervals for a smooth forehead. Also, try skipping these things for a few days and see the magic happening.

  • Going heavy on your diet

The nights you spend partying and boozing with your pals is not the best option to go for while your skin is concerned. It is very important not to take your diet so lightly. Potent vegetable and fruits should be a vital part of your regular diet and not any fizzy drinks which contain soda. While for some people, it is observed that high consumption of sugary substances and carbohydrate can be hazardous, for other dairy products causes hormonal imbalance, which again is the prime cause of inflammation. Try to keep aside of soy rich food, and incorporate green vegetables, zinc rich food in your diet. Of course, it won’t taste as great as the junk you consume, but it will give you healthy looking glowing skin and that glow is priceless! 

  • Not following the hygiene parameters

Amid everything you do, you must not forget to deep clean your face regularly. The excessive oil produced should not be left accumulated over the skin. Washing off your face with a facewash would not be the best option. To get the impurities out of the clogged pores, deep cleansing is what is often required. Many a time, it is often observed that even after washing your face with your regular face wash, the dust and dirt particles are left making skin unhealthy and unclear.

Try the double cleansing method.

This might seem a little offside, but giving your skin a healthy routine can make it healthy.  Firstly, try to clean your face using and oil-based cleanser to clean in the clogged pores. Avoid using foaming or any soap-based cleanser as it would even remove the natural oil from your skin making it even more dry and flaky. Next, you can use and oil to milk-based cleanser so that the cleaned skin can now be processed again for any left impurities and also nourish the skin at the very same time.

  • Don’t mask your skin over layers of products

Try to avoid using any product which goes heavy on your skin. Excessive use of makeup regularly can be harmful to your skin since it is an easy way to trap the oil and dirt particles. Try using a lightweight moisturizer to avoid the dryness. Try using the creams which lets your skin breathe deeply. Also, if your skin is not hydrated properly, these breakouts will be something that you might see quite often. 

  • Hormonal Imbalance

While there are a lot of factors contributing to this, not to forget that everybody is different and their respective skins act differently in any given situation. While some have good hormones and can easily function with it, some hormones might disrupt the proper functioning of the internal process. The results to these come out in the form of forehead acne. The time when most of the people suffer from this problem is puberty. It is the actual phase when your body undergoes several changes and hormonal fluctuation. 

  • Stress 

In this fast pacing world, where everything rushes so rapidly, take a stop and look after yourself. Stressing over anything causes stress in the daily routine and can put a brake to the flow of routine, which again is a leading factor to forehead acne and breakout. The stress and work are often led by improper diet, sleepless nights, overexposure to dirt and specks of dust and many other things.

  • Medications

As medications are used to make up for something, it can be the reason for a regular breakout of your skin, thereby causing acne. There might be some ingredients which don’t suit your skin type and therefore can cause a side effect which further affects your skin.

  • Haircare products

Everything you use for your hair to get that flawless look can also cause some serious backlash. From different product used in the scalp, it somehow can cause issues to the face as well. Every drop of shampoo you use eventually drips from the forehead. Every head massage for healthy and thick hair always runs through that part of the head. In short, every product being used over the head is not necessarily the best option for your skin as well. The scalp and skin are of a different type, and the product meant to be used over the scalp are not to be used at any other part of the body. Also, at the time the dry flakes falling off from the scalp in the form of dandruff, contribute to clogging of pores and acne. Do not let this forehead be the active picnic spot for the bacteria accumulated from your styling product. 

How to treat acne

Now that we had a closer look at the factors causing forehead acne, let’s throw some light on the measures through which you can avoid the havoc caused by them. The following tips and tricks can be followed to prevent it from happening-

  • Wash it with an oil-based cleanser regularly. Wash using lukewarm water and pat it with a soft dry towel or tissue. Do not harshly scrub it off your face. This might worsen the condition. Gentle pat dry removes excess water and lets the skin absorb the remaining, keep it hydrated.
  • Wash your hair often, and do not the hair products reach out to your forehead. Also, if suffering from hair problems like dandruff, use anti dandruff products to get rid of it.
  • Avoid wearing any head accessory which includes headbands, cap, hats, and even faux bands. This regularly rubs over the skin, causing itchiness and inflammation. 
  • Use the products which state to be “noncomedogenic.” This means that they won’t have any acne causing substance in it.
  • Avoid any kind of sweat build over the skin.

These preventive measures can only be taken if you do not want them to happen.  But once it is on your face, you cannot keep avoiding it. The following remedies can be followed to treat the forehead acne

  • One can apply apple cider vinegar. It can cure dandruff, skin problems and acne as well, so two-three drop on your bathing water is not very hard work to cure that irritating acne and all other skin problems. It contains organic acids which have an antibacterial effect and also sulphuric acid which suppresses the irritation and inflammation of acne, and the best part is it can also help in getting rid of those nasty acne scars because it contains lactic acid and also dries up the excess oil which can promote the growth of acne.


  • Consumption of food containing zinc is a must. It promotes the growth of skin cells, provides immunity, and maintains healthy metabolism as well. It is mandatory to eat zinc content food. Do not apply it on the acne as zinc application won’t have a subsequent effect but your intake zinc for around 40 mg per day helps in curing that acne, and you will never experience the painful forehead acne again. Zinc is available in various fruits such as bananas, dark chocolate, and dairy products so any of these can maintain that proper zinc balance in your body.


  • The revolutionary use of aloe vera is the remedy for all skin problems, and thus, it has the same powerful impact on acne as well. It is a tropical plant whose gel is get extracted and applied and eaten as well. It can heal wounds, giving a soothing effect when applied. For acne, it contains sulfur and salicylic acid, which reduces the inflammation and make the acne disappear. There are many creams offered in the market which contains aloe vera, or you can buy aloe vera gel as well. It is better advised that you buy a plant as the home-grown aloe vera is fresh without chemicals, contains no preservatives which might harm your skin in many different ways.


  • Apply green tea to your acne or drink green tea regularly. The green tea is a substantially proven antioxidant which can cleanse your body even from inside and prevent the regrowth of your dead skin cells that is creating that forehead acne, and you can apply green tea on your pimple as well. It contains flavonoids and tannins which are highly inflammatory and exhibit growth in that acne prone skin. Green tea is very easily available, thus a very quick and cushy solution for acne.


If you are going through puberty, then there is nothing to worry about since it is a natural process and acne is quite common at this stage. Even though you are exercising, eating well, and following a healthy routine, they will still come like one or two on your head or your face. Treat it with some home remedies so that they won’t leave a scar which is very tough to digest. Nearly 85% of the people came across to these little irritating confidence killers in their lifetime, so they are not alien.

Stress can be the main cause of forehead acne and can make it worse by leaving some permanent scar which might be deadly for your self-esteem. Acne is caused by oily skin, bacteria, and hormonal imbalance and has something to do with your food and cosmetics. If you have acne then better not to use harsh cosmetics as it makes the condition adverse. Also, do not touch your face more often as forehead acne may spread to other sides of the skin. Most of the mild acne can easily be treated with the help of remedies, balanced diet, and exercise but if the situation is worse consult your doctor as soon as possible 

The not so good thing is only 11% of the people having acne visit doctor and 30% purchase some treatment or use a home remedy, and rest does not do a thing. Small acne can be dangerous if it gets infected or if you pop it out as it gets exposed to bacteria and might get infected which can go deep and give you more sweat as it spread as well. The more suitable thing you can do is apply some remedy and follow those remedies as they are good habits.

These not only cure forehead acne but many other skins and health related problems like green tea, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, and a balanced diet. All these things can never harm you, but it could make your skin healthy so that you will never get those irritating painful forehead acne to make your face lose confidences and kill your self-esteem.

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