What Causes Hair Dryness and How to keep it Moisturized?

One important thing you need while grooming your natural hair is a natural hair moisturizer. It can be frustrating when one’s hair is dry, and one has tried so many methods to get it back in good form, but none worked. This article is for men and women. It can happen to anyone.


What then causes hair dryness and how can you make your hair moisturized?

I’ve always wondered what could be the cause of hair dryness. It wasn’t until I did my research and I realized that several factors which can be caused by us, the weather, or could have been hereditary. However, whatever may be the cause of your hair dryness, there are healthy tips and methods you can apply to bring life to your hair again. You should note that you may have to correct some things you frequently do as they are also contributory to the hair dryness you have been experiencing.

What Causes Hair Dryness?

Knowing the cause of a problem is the first step to solving it. Thus, the factors responsible for hair dryness need to be addressed first before you start to apply a natural hair moisturizer.

Factors ranging from extreme weather conditions to medications to over-shampooing and the excessive usage of heat styling tools can cause hair dryness. Excessive chemical styling can also cause your hair to go dry.


Let’s discuss these factors briefly below:


How often do you shampoo your hair?

People with full and long hair, especially women, may feel dirty not having washed their hair in the space of two days. As much as one should be neat and keep a healthy hair, too much shampooing can wash away the natural and protective oils in one’s hair, leaving it dry. It is preferable to shampoo two or three times a week at most. This will allow for the production of the oils that will give that healthy sheen.

How does your hair cope with the elements?

Weather can be lovely and at the same time harsh. The wind can be good because of the fresh breeze but can negatively affect the hair when it is exposed to it. We should not be denied the thrill of walking on the beach or feeling the breeze blow against our faces when riding on bikes. That’s when you need to watch out for the windy and cold weather, and you might need a scarf to protect and keep your hair moisturized.


Do you think you can cope with excessive chemical styling?

Why do you think stylists use gloves when working the chemicals with your hair? It burns! What effect do you think it will have on your scalp? The hair is more porous and vulnerable than the skin and as such would react to the chemicals used on it.


Your hair and heat styling: how helpful?

Dependence on hair dryers, curlers, and straighteners can lead to hair dryness, breakage, and damage if it gets too much. Determining what “too much” means may take paying attention to your hair. Are you noticing some little dryness or brittleness? It may be getting too much when you have that.

How to Remedy Hair Dryness

All you need to get to remedy the dry hair are readily available. There are finished products which are easily applied to the hair, and they are also natural extracts you may source yourself. However, quality finished products contain these natural extracts and more which may not be easy for you to access.

There is particularly this Almond oil that is extremely beneficial for your hair. It contains natural and organic ingredients, and it is extremely rich in antioxidants and vital proteins.

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Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been rated as one of the best natural hair moisturizers there is. The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health noted that: “Coconut oil is an effective moisturizer for skin and hair.

Using a small amount, gently massage directly into the skin. For dry or frizzy hair, apply a small amount to the hair shaft and leave in for desired time (a few minutes to overnight), and then wash out.”

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A very effective processed coconut oil moisturizer is the Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque by Coco & Eve.

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You can also use Almond Oil

Almond oil is a natural hair moisturizer. As much as it can be used for other uses – beauty and nutritional – its effects in making the hair softer and shiny is highly recognized.

Femina, Indian hair care online outfit, has it that: “Almond oil helps give the much-needed hydration to your hair that helps them look shiny, and feel soft. The essential fatty acids in almond oil help in moisturizing not only the scalp but also the hair strands themselves, thus leading to healthy hair.”

Almond oil contains magnesium, calcium, and zinc. Less magnesium and calcium can lead to less hair growth and eventually, hair loss. Zinc deficiency can lead to alopecia that leads to thinning of hair. As almond oil has these minerals, constant use of it helps prevent hair loss.

Eve Hansen has this remarkable sweet almond oil 100% pure extract. This product is not only good for the remedying hair dryness; it also works as a face moisturizer and massage oil, body oil, and nail oil.

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You should use quality conditioners

Shampoo will wash both your hair and the natural oil in the oil. However, this is where the conditioner you use matter. The conditioner is meant to add a moisturizing effect to your hair. Thus, the conditioner must have the natural ingredients beneficial for your hair. Water should be the first ingredient of the conditioner as water is the best moisturizer for natural hair.

Apply your conditioner after shampooing your hair. Ensure that the conditioner sits in your hair for at least five minutes. Nathaniel Hawkins, a New York City hairstylist, told Oprah that the conditioner must be left for at least five minutes.

There is this fantastic jumbo combo pack called As I Am Naturally that features a Curl Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner, So Much Moisture, Cocoshea Whip, Cocoshea Spray, Smoothing Gel, Detangling Conditioner, and Coconut CoWash.

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You should always take adequate water

The human body is about 75% water, and there can be no proper moisturizing without proper water. The natural oils that will make the hair sheen have water as the base ingredient. Thus, water is essential for the moisturizing of your hair – you should always take enough water.


How do you go swimming?

As much as water is needed for moisturizing your hair, the water in swimming pools and oceans contain chlorine and this is bad for your hair – it can cause dryness and brittleness to your hair. However, this is not to say do not swim. You can, however, use a swim cap to protect your hair from the chemical content. You should incorporate this into your swim gear as what makes the hair dry is the resultant effect of various activities that are consciously and unconsciously caused by people.

How often do you take supplements?

Omega-3 supplements can be beneficial to reduce hair dryness. Omega-3 is a fatty acid that is highly beneficial for keeping the hair moisturized. Vitamins A and C, biotin, and iron supplements can help make your hair look healthier and shiny.

Supplements have been noted to be very useful in supplying nutrients to every part of the body, and your hair can benefit a lot from the use of this.   

A lot goes into grooming your hair and making it moisturized. A lot of factors contribute to the dryness of the human hair. Many of these factors may be caused by you and me, and some others could have been hereditary. Whichever way it is, the dryness has to be remedied.

That is where your investments come in. You have to invest some time, resources, and some attention to your hair. You may have to stop using hot curlers or objects on your hair, stop swimming without a swim cap, and reduce the use of chemicals on your hair.

Using natural hair moisturizers is very beneficial for you. These products are made from natural extracts, and some of them have links provided in this article. With your natural hair, natural extracts are the best suited.

Just like every other part of the body, a lot of care must be given to your hair. You need it to look beautiful, sheen, well lubricated, and well catered for.

Men and women generally use shampoo to wash their hair. Do you condition your hair afterward?

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