What is a Natural Beauty in a Woman?

If you hear the statement natural beauty is the best beauty you begin to think what is a natural beauty in a woman?

The definition of being beautiful can mean a lot of things for different people.

Women who feel beautiful within are comfortable in their own skin. They do make healthy choices knowing that anything that they do with their bodies will ultimately have an effect on them. For those who are past their prime, it is about aging gracefully.  Research studies show that men are captivated with women that looks lovely even with an unadorned face. Being naturally beautiful simply means that mind, body, and spirit are connected.

If you are a woman, culture places a pressure on you to follow a certain pattern. There are set standards that society tries to impose on you. The key to beauty does not lie in what you have inside your make up bag it is about creating a more lasting impression that no makeup can ever produce. Being lovely goes beyond than simple looks. It is the way that you talk, walk and how you present yourself to others.

What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

  • Passion for life

Being passionate is contagious. A woman without passion lacks life and is considered dull. A woman who takes time to pursue her passion understands how life is too precious that it needs to be lived to the fullest. This explains why people admire women who take the time to pursue their dreams. This involves remaining unfazed while conquering mountains of trials along the way. A passionate woman understands that to achieve what she desires she needs to face battles.

  • Inner beauty

Using makeup is not wrong if your goal is to use it to highlight your looks but, not to hide who you really are. Inner beauty is going beyond the physical. It is about your character. When you fill your thoughts with positive energy it will shine out. You are beautiful if you strongly believe that you are beautiful and it is as simple as that.

There is a widespread perception shared by a lot of people that physically attractive people are more intelligent and competent. This is where the figure of speech “beauty with brains” comes from. Being smart is now perceived as the new sexy. A smart girl understands the world around her. Being smart means that you are willing to listen to what others have to say. It is admitting that you are not right all the time. It is about learning from your mistakes.

  • Nurturing nature

As a woman, it is within your nature to nurture. Some refer to this as maternal instinct. This can be express not just in being a mother alone but, can be conveyed by being a giving friend or involving in community or church service. Some women nurture their pets or partner as a way of expressing their nurturing nature.

When you nurture you touch others’ lives; you live an indelible mark in their life that no one can erase.

Dr. Ellen L. Walker, a clinical psychologist by profession believes that there are some women who feel a sense of completeness even without kids like Mother Theresa who devoted her life on nurturing others like a mother. Mother Theresa of Calcutta India, is not a real mother in the sense of the standard perception of motherhood but, she has left a mark in the lives that she changes through the worldwide missions that she established in 123 countries around the world.

  • Confidence

If you are confident about who you are, you will wear what you wish to wear. You are open to listening to what others have to say but, this does not mean that you will agree with everybody. You can be brave enough to show others who you are warts and all. Don’t afraid to show your emotions like if you feel jealous you express it. Self-assured women take the opportunity to support others and would love to watch and encourage others to succeed.

  • Selflessness

Someone who knows that the universe does not revolve around you. At the same time, you know that selflessness comes by having healthy self-love. You cannot give something that you don’t have.  You must learn how to love yourself first before you can give love away. This is the true essence of selflessness. You make life better for others because of this very trait.

  • Skills to multi-task

No two women are the same even if they are twins. To live a happy and fulfilling life you need to have the skills to juggle handling the finances, cooking the meals, and protecting the environment all in one breathe. Studies show that women are better at multitasking than men. It is an incredible talent that makes women unique.

Why Natural Beauty is Important?

While makeup is generally perceived to make you more attractive, however, the truth is that your attractiveness depends on your natural appearance. The pressure is on to look good without the help of make-up.

This explains one of the reasons for the “no make-up selfie craze” where women were encouraged to post on social media to show how they appear au naturel. This craze has spawn followers and produces with it a set of suggestions on how to achieve that all natural no make-up look even if you got flaws. The goal was to look fresh and flawless while looking so “perfectly” natural.

  • All Natural

Natural beauty can be compared to natural cosmetics that are 100 percent made of natural ingredients. Skin care products like these are made without using synthetic preservatives and any genetically modified ingredients. There is a similar quality found on these products that can be found in your personality.  It shows the purity of your soul and this goes beyond skin deep. You hear the reference to ugly souls. You radiate a beautiful soul inside of you. This makes people want to be near you. A pure soul shines like a lighthouse warming everybody that sees you.

  • Positivity Shines within You

You show others that there is something special in you that words cannot describe. Negative people are toxic and generally will drive you down but, this isn’t you. A spirit of negativity can lead to physical symptoms like headaches, an upset stomach, muscle tension, and fatigue. You evoke that positive vibes and people flock towards you because of this. This is because positivity will rub off others. The more people spend their time with they will become a better version of themselves.

  • Strength in Compromising

Sometimes it takes a strong character to unbend when there is a need for it. You stay committed to any relationship that you are with. You know the value of making some small sacrifices for the sake of peace. This does not mean that everybody can step on you though. You have learned the art of compromising as a way to resolve conflict wherever you may be. You know when to place others’ interest above yours when there is a need for this. When you know how to compromise this means you do listen to what others have to say. However, you know that in some circumstances, a compromise might not be the best solution.

How to Live a Healthy Active Lifestyle

Part of what makes you a natural beauty as a woman is your desire to achieve a fine balance between leading a full life while staying healthy.  By staying active you know that a healthy body reduces your risk of suffering from different health-related conditions. Exercise does more than just keep you fit and healthy getting involved in any forms of movement will improve your mental and cognitive function.

By leading an active healthy lifestyle you are giving your heart the workout that it deserves. Other benefits of exercising include staying strong but, the biggest bonus is maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Do Something That You Enjoy

The trick to staying active without getting bored doing it is to find something that you enjoy doing. If you dislike spending time alone you can ask a friend to exercise with you. It will not matter whether you like to do Zumba classes, workout in the gym or go for a bike ride, just keep moving.

  • Do it Faithfully

Your devotion to staying fit makes you stick to your regular exercise routine. Engaging in a 30-minute physical activity each day will keep you healthy. Besides 30 minutes of daily exercise is enough to shed off the excess weight.

  • Manage your Stress

As a natural beauty, you know how too much stress can make you sick. Stress happens when you give in to the demands on you. You know how to cope up to these stressors whether it is about work, school or relationships. Not all forms of stress are unhealthy though. Sometimes stress can be beneficial like when it provides the energy to help you through common daily deadlines both in school and in work.

Subjecting yourself to an extreme amount of stress is not good for your health though.  Too much stress can affect your immune, cardiovascular and central nervous systems. If left untreated chronic stress can take a toll not just on your emotions but, on your health as well.  

  • Take a Break

Even a natural beauty like you needs a break from time to time. You know when it is the right time to step away even for just a while to do something else. By doing so, you will not feel overwhelmed. Taking a 20 minute period gives you ample time to gather your composure. After taking a break you can now face the challenges that lie ahead.

  • Gift of Laughter

Your brain is connected to your emotions and your facial expression.  When you are happy your face shows this, however, when you are highly stressed out another set of facial expressions can be seen. By laughing or learning to see the humor in any difficult situation this can release some of the tension.

  • The Value of Meditation

Instead of subjecting yourself into focusing on your stressors, you take another way out, by doing something productive with your time. By praying and meditating your release your mind and body from stress.  When you pray you to regain a new perspective about the situation that you are in. You learn to be compassionate and forgiving. Spending even just a little time meditating can produce good results.


What Does Aging Gracefully Mean

A part of the process of aging gracefully includes accepting the changes that are taking place and finding more meaningful pursuits. The truth is that aging gracefully is not always easy, however, your attitude towards aging is what matters. Our society is focused on the negative aspects of aging that drive people towards hating the thought of growing old.

Not all seniors are pessimistic, for those who possess natural beauty growing old is just a number. It is a time to celebrate life more so by adding more on your bucket list.

  • Take up a New Hobby after You Retire

When you are a natural beauty you think of productive ways to spend your retirement. It will not hurt if you bring in some money and generate cash from your hobbies. Why not put a little effort into what you are passionate about. Start a small business from what you do best. How much you will earn will depend on how much time you spend on it. You can sell stuff on eBay and Amazon.

You can do teaching or tutoring. If you got skills in math or English you can offer tutoring services locally or on the internet. In case you know how to speak foreign languages you can help foreigners speak English and earn while doing so. If you have always wanted to be a writer now is the chance to do so. Look for freelance writing jobs in the local newspaper and websites that specialize in something that you are highly interested in.

If you have a green thumb you can offer your gardening services or do landscaping jobs. If you are great at baking cakes, cookies or bread you can start to sell your baked goods. By having that winning attitude you are assured to spend your time doing something productive while earning cash doing so. Since you are enjoying what you are doing it will feel like playing. You are getting paid handsomely.  Nothing beats this great deal thanks to your enterprising spirit.

The Bottom Line

Women are celebrated for their beauty and celebrated even more if they are beautiful without even trying hard. You are simply born this way. You are confident in your own skin whether you wear something plain or designers’ clothes because you don’t let fashion dictate who you are.

Being attractive even without makeup is a triumph. It is like waking up and looking marvelous without even trying. Countless times, a woman of natural beauty will amaze those who gaze at her. You don’t need to flaunt who you are because you radiate it effortlessly.  

The definition of what a natural beauty in a woman is wide and deep, just like the lady being described. You might be a stay at home wife, a factory worker, model or somebody that works in the male-driven field; no matter what you do you will always be perceived as natural beauty. It is the aura that surrounds you that makes you this way. You are comfortable even with your insecurities and your emotions.

It is because of this that you are capable of forming deeper relationships. You got that “I care” attitude and people can sense that once they talk with you. Natural women will do things from their heart. You are not after glory or self-gain but, people are willing to acknowledge what you have done. Natural beauty inspires others.

Age is not a measurement to declare that you look “hot” because there are older women who manage to break societies standard and concept of how “hot” should look like.

You can be a natural beauty for all seasons and stay that way. Since you have started in the right direction eventually you will evolve into an eternally beautifully creature as you grow old. You are the perfect example of how life should be celebrated and that is to age gracefully. When you age, you face different kinds of challenges, but, you are a survivor.

Part of what makes you beautiful is your ability to survive and weather the storms. You are ready to accept changes since you know it is inevitable. You are aware that nothing in life stays the same. Challenges will not make you back down.

It is all about your positive outlook in life that will pull you through no matter what. Whether you are somebody anonymous or somebody famous, you not afraid to state “I am who I am” accept me as I am.


Do you consider yourself beautiful?

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